Learn How to Change
Your Mindset and
Clear The Way To A Bigger Life!

Consistently successful people think differently.                           We can think of them as "Big Dogs".

What sets them apart from the average Jane?

They have acquired a specific mindset that serves as a portal to what they want to accomplish and the lifestyle they choose to live.

The BIG question is- Are you creating the life you desire?... 

THINKING LIKE THE BIG DOGS Ebook will provide you with a sytematic blueprint that taps into your core values, motivates and supports you while you elevate yourself into the world of action and accomplishment.



Yes, I want to think like the Big Dogs!

What This eBOOK Has To Offer

There are 4 proven mindsets and 6 different mental faculties to avoid the hidden costs of worry and stress.
Susan shares the framework to being a more effective entrepreneur and
having a rich mindset when creating your successful business.
You'll learn...
•The most effective way to ditch your poverty mentality and reclaim your rich mindset
•How to skyrocket your money-making potential and avoid staying small
•How to succeed marvelously with less struggle

Thinking Like The BIG DOGS contains everything you could want to know about creating and maintaining the life you desire using mindset solutions and goal-setting, motivational and relationship hacks-taking you from over whelm to professional and personal accomplishment and deep satisfaction.

What others are saying about Susan's proven mindset process...

"Susan Schachterle’s seminar “Thinking Like the Big Dogs” was nothing short of inspiring.  Her clear presentation complete with concrete examples, encourages participation and guarantees results!  I and my associates look forward to continued work with her."
                                                                                     Melissa Burk, Executive Director
                                                                                    Futuro Solido

"I am so much better equipped now to deal with the issues that come with a position of leadership,
and I know that what I’ve learned through working with you will continue
to serve me well in all areas of my professional and personal life."
                                                                                    Andrew B., Director  (Colorado Hi Tech Company)

"Susan has held a space for me to create new thought patterns that serve my highest good,
greater confidence, and a deeper connection with myself. She has also been a sweet reminder of
the power of the Divine in my life. Her ability to listen, her warmth, and her generosity are above
and beyond what I would ever expect to see in any human being.
Furthermore, I am deeply moved by her commitment to having me consistently come back
to the big picture of why I’m here… why I’m alive. Perhaps the greatest gift Susan has brought into my life
is a sense of purpose that is clearer than it has ever been before."
                                                                                    Pearl 'Jinju' Lee Schroy, Ph.D.,  film producer

            "Susan has an innate ability to get to the core within moments of workings with her. She has loads of proven tools which helped facilitate and unearth my true passions for this world. Her nature is one of giving, joy, and pleasure; don’t miss out on this master’s divine work."
                                                                                     Diana Campbell- radio host

My work with Susan has proven to be extremely helpful for my business.  Not only was I able to work through some personal issues that were impacting my relationships with clients, but I was able, with her help, to address a major issue, claustrophobia, which was making my business travel more and more difficult. 
             Speaking in business terms, her work has been the most cost effective thing I have ever done to make changes in myself and, consequently, in the way I conduct my business;  and another  happy result has been a major increase in the  profitability of my business.. 
                                                                                    James Martin, President
                                                                                    The Color People, Inc.
                                                                                 architectural color consultants       


A Word From
Susan Schachterle

“I love helping people explore the possibilities that this process opens for them. As an award-winning author, speaker and  success coach for over twenty-five years in personal and professional growth and spirituality, I have developed a keen sense of what works, and the best practices for planning for, and honoring those achievments. 

I wrote this eBook as a way to share my two decades of out-of-the-box communications techniques. This eBook will teach goal-setting, motivational and maintenance performance skills for any skillset. I invite you to follow along and keep in touch”

I'm ready to Think Like The Big Dogs!